Saturday, July 31, 2010

~ Week of Drama, Up's and Down's, and Life just rushing past ~

When I was living in Alabama, everyone always complained about the traffic on 280..... Here is something to be thankful for.... This is a picture of my drive to work on Monday night. The traffic is 5 lanes in each direction and we are all traveling at about 60-65 miles an hour. This is also one of the smaller freeways in the area.
Monday and Tuesday were following shifts at work. I enjoyed them and will be glad to be on the floor by myself on Thursday night. Wednesday afternoon, I went in to take my server test. I thought the test went well but I did not have all the answers that I should have had.

Thursday was my first night on the floor of the restaurant, by myself. I had a great night. I only had 4 tables with $400 in sales.....the tips off the table were AWESOME! I only had a 3 table section and it was a slow night. I can't wait to get more experience and bigger sections.

Friday, Nate and I were both off work so we took the kids to the beach. We videoed the kids riding their wave-boards and building sandcastles. The water was extra cold and the sun very really came out. I sat in my beach chair ready a book. We had a picnic lunch and also saw a school of dolphins about 15 feet off shore. They swam around us for about 20 mins. Then we came back home and Nate made us Chicken Mar-sole for dinner. Right before dinner I got a call from King's Fish House and I have to retake my server test. So after dinner Nate and I drove up to the restaurant to get the test for me to study. I was up till midnight studying.

Today, I got up early to study for my server test. I had to make a 95 or above in order to stay on at King's Fish House. I studied really hard and took the test at 10am this morning. I think I did a good job on the test. The GM talk to me as I was leaving and told me that he would see me on Sunday. He did not think he would even need to grade the test. He also told me that I had done a really good job on my first shift on the floor, which was Thursday night.

As I was studying this morning, Joel yelled to Cori and told her there was something gross of hers in the hall. It was her bra, I asked Joel why he did not want to go pick it up and he told me it was too disgusting.

After getting home from the test, I have helped both kids hook up video games in their rooms. Cori has the Nintendo 64 and Joel has the Playstation 2. Now the house is very quiet as the kids are each playing quietly in their rooms.

Today is my Mother-in-Law's birthday and my sister-in-law's baby shower. They had the shower this morning for new little baby Bryce Dillard and the party tonight for Mom. We wish we could have been there. I am sure there will be pictures and stories from your fun weekend.

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