Wednesday, July 21, 2010

~ Moments of 1st ~

Over the last couple of months I have experianced a lot of 1st for me. I want to share those 1st with you. I have broken them down into 2 catagories. The 1st that I love and will do again. The 1st that I hate and (hope n plan) never want to do again.

~ 1st that I have Loved (almost) every minute of the experiance ~
  • Moving out of the South ..... dont get me wrong I loved living there but I am enjoying the new experiances and the new things that come with moving to a new city where you do not know anyone
  • Ran a half-marathon with my family....finished in 3:03. This was an awesome accomplishment that I am very proud of and cant wait to run my next one.
  • Last summer I went White Water Rafting with my family in Tenn. We had a great time and I would love to go rafting again.
  • Renting my first apartment/condo.
  • Seeing the West coast and Pacific ocean....Awesome!
  • Eating King Crab Legs....Yummmmmmm
  • Setting up my family and friends on we can video chat more often
  • Last November Nate took me golfing for the first time....and got me my own set of clubs. (who would of ever thought I would be a casual golfer)
  • Learning how to use Photoshop and creating new pictures
  • Driving on freeways (which are what the south calls interstates) that have 7 lanes in one about an adreniline rush every time you get on the freeway
  • Riding the Ferris Wheel at Santa Monica Pier with Nate
  • Wearing a Tie
~ 1st that I hope to not repeat anytime soon ~
  • Drive across most of the country in 3 days
  • Eating raw oysters
  • Eating sushi
  • Worked my first door-to-door sales job....Not something I want to repeat....still having nightmares about that job
  • Being out of work for 6 weeks.
  • Trying a new church every week....I do not like looking for a new church family
I know this is not all the first, I am sure there will be more to come......Life is all about embracing the new and exciting things while learning from each experiance.

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Hannah Jo said...

Thanks Valerie! This is my second (or is it third?) attempt at blogging, and I'm actually impressed with how well it is going.

I just try to post every week day and then I join Blog parties on Fridays where I meet new friends and follow new blogs, this has led me to see a lot of GREAT blogs that are WAY better than mine and challenges me and gives me new ideas. your first lists...the first time I tried sushi I did NOT like it one bit, but I tried it a couple more times and now it is my absolute favorite. Don't knock it yet, give it another chance!