Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter Wonderland

A few pictures of my family in the snow storm from a couple of weeks ago....some call it Snowmageden 2014!

My kids Elementary School

My parents house

Car wrecking/parking across the road from my parents house

My grandparents house with the frozen lake out front
Where we use to live, with more trees 
Sweet Alice and her 1st snow!
Cousins playing. 

A winding road

Crazy Snow/Ice Days

In California, We are experiencing the warmest winter in years. The family is enjoying the warmer days in the 70's and the cool nights only get to 50's. Later this week we will hit 80 each day. It doesn't feel like winter and that use to bother me when we first moved out here but now not so much. People told us our blood would thin and we would get use to the California warm weather really fast.....and we have. It gets below 60 and the fireplace comes on and the heavy coats come out.

As most the rest of the East and South have colder than normal winters we are basking in the sun.

Christmas break this is Joel. Now the weather was in the 80's but the water was not heated so it was in the 60's. He only lasted 20-30 mins but he was all smiles the whole time!

Cori is starting in 1 week her swimming team practices that will take place at 5:30am in the morning in an outside only slightly warm pool. This will be fun to see how she handles this kind of commitment to her sport of choice. 

This is Cori over Christmas break wearing a new sweater (thanks Grandma) and a snowflake necklace from her Daddy. 

Last year I only posted 12 times. Lets see if I can do better this year.