Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Embracing Each Birthday

Tomorrow I will turn 34 and I'm embracing each year with a smile and a party.

When I was born my mom told me I was the light in my Fathers eyes. My father was 24 and dreading turning 25 in April. He talked about it a lot and so as God had planned in His time, my father died of a heart attack 2 weeks before his 25th birthday. For 6 weeks I was daddy's little girl. I never knew my father except through the stories told my mom, aunt and grandparents. Every year as my birthday approaches I remember this story, think of my father and embrace each birthday with a smile and a party.

At least one person will tell me that I won't always be happy about celebrating my birthdays or announcing them to the world.....I know I will always be thankful for each day and year as I also celebrate my father.

I don't get emotional or upset as the anniversary of his death or birth approaches but the next 6 weeks is always a reminder of the few things I did learn/inherit from him.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Daddy who has loved and raised me and God knew exactly what he was doing when he took my father and gave my mom and I a totally different life.

I am the person I am today because of both my father and his traits and my daddy and his faith. Without these men in my life I would not be the outspoken, independent, bossy, smart, Christian woman I am today.

Thank you Father and Daddy! I love you both very much!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Juicer Experience!

Nate has just purchased a juicer is loving it. He is juicing everything this weekend and losing weight in the process. Here is his dinner for tonight.

Before the juicer



The leftovers ~ no juice

Family Game Night

Christmas morning w my new game
I got a new Settlers game for Christmas from Nate. It has taken us a month n a half to find time to learn how to play and to actually play the game. Tonight we taught the kids how to play and I won!!!!!

The Board

Screamer ~ sleeping

Snuggled in for the game

Nate explaining the game