Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Football Place-mat

To decorate my coffee table during football season I made a place-mat. Saturdays are College Roll Tide day and Sunday is NFL Cowboys day. 

I started with some Alabama fabric. I estimated how much of my table I wanted the mat to cover. 
Once I determined the size, I added the filling to the mat.I wanted something more smooth so instead of using batting, I added a piece of grey fleece. It was also cheaper since I already had it in my house from other projects. 

I pinned the Alabama print to the fleece before cutting. Once cut I did the dame thing to a piece of Cowboys fabric. 

This is how it is layered and pinned together.

Next I used black bias tape to bind the layers of fabric together. I did not want to make a hem line or turn the fabrics in like a pillow case because this would add a thicker border which doesn't allow the mat to lay totally flat. 

Sewing it together. 

Finished mat. One side for Saturday 

And the other for Sunday!

New Members of the Barber Family!

We have added some new members to the family! 
Home to 19 fish!

Cori asked for a fish tank for her birthday. (see Cori's Fish) It only took her a month to kill all the fish in her tank. So we decided to move the tank to the living room so everyone can enjoy the tank, (and Nate and I can ensure their safety). This has quickly become MY fish. Nate and set up the tank and decorations. I got to pick out all the fish and I am the one who usually feeds them. Here are a few pictures of our new fish. We started with 3 blank molly's, 3 mickey mouse (which are orange and have black spots that looks likes Mickeys face), 3 white skirt tetras and 1 catfish. We have had them 3 weeks and tonight we added 3 more catfish, 3 xray tetras, and 3 black skirt tetras. Nate would not let me buy the sharks I wanted.....

Black Skirt Tetra

Micky Mouse Molly's

Silver Skirt Tetra