Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Football Place-mat

To decorate my coffee table during football season I made a place-mat. Saturdays are College Roll Tide day and Sunday is NFL Cowboys day. 

I started with some Alabama fabric. I estimated how much of my table I wanted the mat to cover. 
Once I determined the size, I added the filling to the mat.I wanted something more smooth so instead of using batting, I added a piece of grey fleece. It was also cheaper since I already had it in my house from other projects. 

I pinned the Alabama print to the fleece before cutting. Once cut I did the dame thing to a piece of Cowboys fabric. 

This is how it is layered and pinned together.

Next I used black bias tape to bind the layers of fabric together. I did not want to make a hem line or turn the fabrics in like a pillow case because this would add a thicker border which doesn't allow the mat to lay totally flat. 

Sewing it together. 

Finished mat. One side for Saturday 

And the other for Sunday!

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