Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Members of the Barber Family!

We have added some new members to the family! 
Home to 19 fish!

Cori asked for a fish tank for her birthday. (see Cori's Fish) It only took her a month to kill all the fish in her tank. So we decided to move the tank to the living room so everyone can enjoy the tank, (and Nate and I can ensure their safety). This has quickly become MY fish. Nate and set up the tank and decorations. I got to pick out all the fish and I am the one who usually feeds them. Here are a few pictures of our new fish. We started with 3 blank molly's, 3 mickey mouse (which are orange and have black spots that looks likes Mickeys face), 3 white skirt tetras and 1 catfish. We have had them 3 weeks and tonight we added 3 more catfish, 3 xray tetras, and 3 black skirt tetras. Nate would not let me buy the sharks I wanted.....

Black Skirt Tetra

Micky Mouse Molly's

Silver Skirt Tetra


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