Saturday, March 26, 2011

Outdoor Reading Patio

We have a small 8 x 8 patio off of our Master bedroom. We have not really done anything out on the patio till today. I have always wanted a small little reading nook. So today I asked Nate about fixing the patio so I can sit and read on it and not be afraid of the dogs running off. The way out patio is set up, there is concrete until the last foot. There is dirt there for a flower bed or plants. Because of the dirt, my dogs can squeeze under the patio railing and get out. Today, Nate and I went to Home Depot to get some dirt and bamboo to go around the patio rails to keep the dogs in. We had to dig up a magnolia tree that the owners 2 before us had left. This tree was still in the 10in pot that is came in and the roots had grown through the pot and under the concrete patio. We cut and chopped away at the tree till is was in many pieces and gone. Then we put up the bamboo around the rails.

We then took the kids to IKEA for a couple of things. I was also looking for a patio chair to sit and read in. This led to 2 hours in IKEA without finding the right chair. Dropping the kids off and going back out to Home Depot, Lowe's and then World Market before finding the right chair. This project kinda took on a life of its own. We also got some tiki lights to go around the patio, a hanging colored tealight holder, and a tealight lantern. We are going for a cozy reading spot now. I have now hung up everything and am sitting in my chair typing on facebook and my blog. The weather is a little chilly (about 50 degrees) but I am having fun enjoying the patio and my quietness. I am about to go make a cup of tea and get to reading on my book. I will post pictures of the patio after it is light again outside.

We are also going to add some hanging plants to add to the ambiance. Thanks to the family who sent me money for my birthday. This is what I am doing with it. Money WELL spent!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Video Game Family!

I am not a gamer nor have I ever claimed to be. My first gaming experience was with an Atari at my granddad's house in Montgomery. We would play for hours because he only had 2 or 3 games for us to play and the only kids movie he owned was "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" which my parents hated. I only played the Centipede game and was quite good. After that the Nintendo came out and us 4 kids got a system for Christmas from our Aunt's and Uncles. I remember this very clearly because it was one of my saddest Christmas's. I was 12 or 13 and what in the world was I going to do with this game system. I wanted make-up and earrings and clothes. Luck for me, my mom had a heart and bought my part of the Nintendo, so I could go get something else for Christmas. I did play Mario Brothers a few times but this is when there were no saved games and only 3 lives. I would make it all the way to World 8-2 and die. Thus I stopped playing because I would hate to have to start all over at World 1-1. Over the years, I have played different games on different systems but nothing has made me want to play for hours and hours on end. I do love the Lego versions of games like Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Harry Potter.

Married to a huge gamer and thus a game programmer is opening up my gaming world. Nate recently bought me a casual game called Plants vs. Aliens and a harder game called deBlob2. I have enjoyed playing both of these games. It is hard for me to learn the controls and make things work out just how I want. I DO get very frustrated when I keep falling off buildings or have to do something 15 times before getting it right. Apparently that is how games are played and how you get good. (That is what Nate keeps telling me).

The kids are following in Nate's footsteps for the love of video games. Cori plays Wizards 101 and World of Warcraft on PC, her DS and the Wii. Joel also plays World of Warcraft, DS, and the Wii. He is also going through the Halo games with Nate.

Nate just got Call of Duty:Black Ops and has everyone trying to play. I played a couple of rounds of team play with him and he stayed behind me because I kept killing him even when we were on the same team. I just wanted people to die. I also yell alot at the tv while playing which can get loud. Joel and Nate are playing more of the team playing together and it is fun to see them share this gaming time together.

All in All, I enjoy playing the few games I have and expanding my video game library but I will ALWAYS love to read more than play video games.

Car Trouble::::)

I have been having a problem with my car for a while now. There is a sensor in the engine that is going bad. When you start the car, you have to let the engine fully heat up before driving or the sensor will cut the engine off. This has been a problem since we were in Birmingham but thought it was because the weather was so cold. When we moved we never had a problem and did not have to heat the car up to drive it. Then a couple of weeks ago it started acting up again. The last straw for me is when I was driving on the freeway on my home from work at 11pm at night and the engine cut off. I had to coast over to an exit and wait for the car to heat up again. Nate was able to take the car in and get a rental car for the 2 days while the car was being fixed. The rental car and the entire bill for the car was covered under our warranty. Praise the Lord, that everything with the car worked out. I am so glad to not have to waste any more gas by warming up the engine every day.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Joel's Surprise Party!

Thursday night I started to make a LEGO birthday cake for Joel. We wanted to surprise him with a cake and small party. After Joel went to bed on Thursday night, Cori and I started making the cakes. We also make some muffins for breakfast Friday morning, as the decoy in case Joel woke up or asked about the noise. He did not ask about anything. We baked two large sheet cakes in carrot and strawberry flavor. I hid the cakes in my closet so Joel would not find them.

As soon as Joel left for school on Friday, I started to work on the cake. It took me 5 1/2 hours to construct the cake. Then I walked the cake to the neighbor's house to leave it until the party. I used 4 different flavors on the cake, dyed the icing to make lego blocks, and used oreo's to add the bumps on the bricks. I also added a bunch of lego men to the cake and wrote happy birthday. (a bunch of times to get it right).

Joel came home from school and went to the pool for a while, then came back and played board games. Then Nate came home from work and Joel and him went to pick up the pizza. As soon as they left for the pizza, Cori and I ran to get the cake. My friend Melissa and her kids came over to help us decorate in under 10 mins. Nate sent a text that they were home and out went the lights. I could hear Joel ask Nate why the lights were off and where was mom and Cori. Joel was super surprised when he came inside.

We did cake and presents first, then pizza and silly string, then wii games in the living room. Fun was had by all, and I was SO glad that he loved his cake.

Saturday, we took Joel shopping to spend his birthday money. He spent most of it on Hero Factory LEGO's, pokemon, movies, and mighty bean's. I am so glad that Joel had so much fun on his birthday!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Funny Quotes from Today

Here are a couple of funny stories from today. I had to write them down fast before I forgot.

Cori and Me
I had just gotten off the phone with Nate and commented to Cori that he loved me.
C- really, I could not tell
M- okay then we will have to make out in front of you more often
C- NO! please no! I know you love each other

Cori and Me
Cori had a guy ask her to be his girlfriend in a letter today.
C- Mom, you can tell a lot about a guy and how they ask you out.
C- yeah, if they ask you out in person then they are confident, brave and not afraid of a challenge and if they ask you out in a note then they are just wimpy and really scared of a "no" in the face.
C- I wont go out with a guy who asks me out in a note.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Getting ready for Joel's Birthday

It is hard to believe that Joel will be 10 on Friday! I can't believe that my little boy is about to hit the double digits. We are going to be throwing him a small "surprise" party on Friday night. I will be spending Thursday and Friday making the LEGO cake and getting things set up for the party. There will definatly be pictures as the cake and party unfolds this week.

~ His party and EVERYTHING is a surprise SO if you talk to Joel DO NOT say anything about a party!!!! ~ 

As a birthday pre-present, Joel and I went to GameStop on Sunday to get his pokemon white game. He also used the money from Uncle Matt and Aunt Jenny to get a new case for his DS that has pokemon on it.

Update on the job front, Nate is still working 12 hour days at the game studio but we are up in the air as to how much longer that will last. He is working ALOT and at least 6 days a week.

I get to start working nights this week. I am super excited to be able to move to nights and have the opportunity to make the money on nights.

Well, that pretty much sums up the week for us......Starting the count down till Nate's family comes for a visit.....5 1/2 weeks!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Birthday Day! (Week)

Today was a Great Birthday! I enjoyed almost every minute! The Birthday fun started yesterday when I went and had my hair cut. I love my hair short and finally found a place that was cheap and yet I trusted them to cut it.
 Today, I woke up to Nate telling me "Happy Birthday"! Then I prayed for Joel as he had a very hard writing test this morning. Thanks to all the family and friends who prayed for him too. He did great, as I knew he would, but this was a learning moment for him. He learned to pray about something and then let God handle it. After we prayed he felt better, and off to school he went. He did Awesome on the test and only missed one capitalization. He was so excited to know that so many people stopped and prayed for him today.

I went in to work today and was greeted with many birthday wishes...thanks tommy for being the loudest one! My friends (Cayla, Sam and Andrea) got me a card, 33 cupcakes (funfetti and vanilla icing), some nail polish and had the entire staff sing to me today! It was a very fun morning and shift at work.
Cupcakes ~ 33

Room full of people who sang to me

my "home girls" 
After work I came home to hang with the kids till Nate got home from work. Nate "suprises me" really..... with some clothes for my birthday...that he picked out. 
New Dallas Cowboys shirt and jacket

Alabama Banner to hang on a pole outside!

New Alabama sweatshirt!
Then Nate and the kids took me to Dave and Busters for dinner. It is an adult version of Chuck E Cheese with much better food. We had a great time and we all loves playing games and spend time together as a family. On the way home Cori started asking some religious questions that Nate patiently answered about God, Jesus, Satan and his angels. It was a GREAT day! 

I had Many facebook messages (at least 5 from Bek alone), some text messages and phone calls from family and friends through out the entire day. They were a great joy to me as I spend this birthday away from almost all of my family! I was not sure how this day was going to turn out and was very nervous/scared it would be a very sad day. Luckily I have been blessed with a wonderful husband, great kids, fantastic friends and lots of loved ones who helped make this day special even while being a long way from "home". I have started the birthday cards on the mantle....and hear from some that I have more cards coming. So the birthday week continues as I am off Thursday AND Friday this week (1st 2 days off in one week in over a month)! Thank you ALL so much and I love you!