Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Birthday Day! (Week)

Today was a Great Birthday! I enjoyed almost every minute! The Birthday fun started yesterday when I went and had my hair cut. I love my hair short and finally found a place that was cheap and yet I trusted them to cut it.
 Today, I woke up to Nate telling me "Happy Birthday"! Then I prayed for Joel as he had a very hard writing test this morning. Thanks to all the family and friends who prayed for him too. He did great, as I knew he would, but this was a learning moment for him. He learned to pray about something and then let God handle it. After we prayed he felt better, and off to school he went. He did Awesome on the test and only missed one capitalization. He was so excited to know that so many people stopped and prayed for him today.

I went in to work today and was greeted with many birthday wishes...thanks tommy for being the loudest one! My friends (Cayla, Sam and Andrea) got me a card, 33 cupcakes (funfetti and vanilla icing), some nail polish and had the entire staff sing to me today! It was a very fun morning and shift at work.
Cupcakes ~ 33

Room full of people who sang to me

my "home girls" 
After work I came home to hang with the kids till Nate got home from work. Nate "suprises me" really..... with some clothes for my birthday...that he picked out. 
New Dallas Cowboys shirt and jacket

Alabama Banner to hang on a pole outside!

New Alabama sweatshirt!
Then Nate and the kids took me to Dave and Busters for dinner. It is an adult version of Chuck E Cheese with much better food. We had a great time and we all loves playing games and spend time together as a family. On the way home Cori started asking some religious questions that Nate patiently answered about God, Jesus, Satan and his angels. It was a GREAT day! 

I had Many facebook messages (at least 5 from Bek alone), some text messages and phone calls from family and friends through out the entire day. They were a great joy to me as I spend this birthday away from almost all of my family! I was not sure how this day was going to turn out and was very nervous/scared it would be a very sad day. Luckily I have been blessed with a wonderful husband, great kids, fantastic friends and lots of loved ones who helped make this day special even while being a long way from "home". I have started the birthday cards on the mantle....and hear from some that I have more cards coming. So the birthday week continues as I am off Thursday AND Friday this week (1st 2 days off in one week in over a month)! Thank you ALL so much and I love you!

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