Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Video Game Family!

I am not a gamer nor have I ever claimed to be. My first gaming experience was with an Atari at my granddad's house in Montgomery. We would play for hours because he only had 2 or 3 games for us to play and the only kids movie he owned was "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" which my parents hated. I only played the Centipede game and was quite good. After that the Nintendo came out and us 4 kids got a system for Christmas from our Aunt's and Uncles. I remember this very clearly because it was one of my saddest Christmas's. I was 12 or 13 and what in the world was I going to do with this game system. I wanted make-up and earrings and clothes. Luck for me, my mom had a heart and bought my part of the Nintendo, so I could go get something else for Christmas. I did play Mario Brothers a few times but this is when there were no saved games and only 3 lives. I would make it all the way to World 8-2 and die. Thus I stopped playing because I would hate to have to start all over at World 1-1. Over the years, I have played different games on different systems but nothing has made me want to play for hours and hours on end. I do love the Lego versions of games like Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Harry Potter.

Married to a huge gamer and thus a game programmer is opening up my gaming world. Nate recently bought me a casual game called Plants vs. Aliens and a harder game called deBlob2. I have enjoyed playing both of these games. It is hard for me to learn the controls and make things work out just how I want. I DO get very frustrated when I keep falling off buildings or have to do something 15 times before getting it right. Apparently that is how games are played and how you get good. (That is what Nate keeps telling me).

The kids are following in Nate's footsteps for the love of video games. Cori plays Wizards 101 and World of Warcraft on PC, her DS and the Wii. Joel also plays World of Warcraft, DS, and the Wii. He is also going through the Halo games with Nate.

Nate just got Call of Duty:Black Ops and has everyone trying to play. I played a couple of rounds of team play with him and he stayed behind me because I kept killing him even when we were on the same team. I just wanted people to die. I also yell alot at the tv while playing which can get loud. Joel and Nate are playing more of the team playing together and it is fun to see them share this gaming time together.

All in All, I enjoy playing the few games I have and expanding my video game library but I will ALWAYS love to read more than play video games.

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