Saturday, March 26, 2011

Outdoor Reading Patio

We have a small 8 x 8 patio off of our Master bedroom. We have not really done anything out on the patio till today. I have always wanted a small little reading nook. So today I asked Nate about fixing the patio so I can sit and read on it and not be afraid of the dogs running off. The way out patio is set up, there is concrete until the last foot. There is dirt there for a flower bed or plants. Because of the dirt, my dogs can squeeze under the patio railing and get out. Today, Nate and I went to Home Depot to get some dirt and bamboo to go around the patio rails to keep the dogs in. We had to dig up a magnolia tree that the owners 2 before us had left. This tree was still in the 10in pot that is came in and the roots had grown through the pot and under the concrete patio. We cut and chopped away at the tree till is was in many pieces and gone. Then we put up the bamboo around the rails.

We then took the kids to IKEA for a couple of things. I was also looking for a patio chair to sit and read in. This led to 2 hours in IKEA without finding the right chair. Dropping the kids off and going back out to Home Depot, Lowe's and then World Market before finding the right chair. This project kinda took on a life of its own. We also got some tiki lights to go around the patio, a hanging colored tealight holder, and a tealight lantern. We are going for a cozy reading spot now. I have now hung up everything and am sitting in my chair typing on facebook and my blog. The weather is a little chilly (about 50 degrees) but I am having fun enjoying the patio and my quietness. I am about to go make a cup of tea and get to reading on my book. I will post pictures of the patio after it is light again outside.

We are also going to add some hanging plants to add to the ambiance. Thanks to the family who sent me money for my birthday. This is what I am doing with it. Money WELL spent!

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