Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cori's Birthday

Cori's birthday was Friday. Her party and celebration is being broken up into 2 weekends. This weekend was about family and our friends next door. Next weekend her best friend from school is coming over and we are taking them roller skating.

Friday morning I made Cori muffins for breakfast. My mom called Cori before school and got the tears going first thing. Joel and Cori had a brother/sister moment when Cori was still crying after my mom called. They hugged and Joel comforted Cori before she got ready for school.

Saturday evening we went to a mexican restaurant for dinner and then invited some friends over for dessert. Nate and Joel worked together on Friday and made 2 cheesecakes for dessert. One is plain and the other had strawberry swirl. Both were VERY good.

Cori and her friends played the Wii and enjoyed the dessert for the evening. Cori also opened all her presents and cards from the family. She has enough money to buy her iTouch on Monday. We also gave her a water hula hoop and a scooter (which she rides around the house constantly).





Time to eat

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