Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break! ~ Part 1

After Cori's birthday weeks...yes weeks from the week of her birthday to the weekend her friend spent with us...we moved on to getting ready for Spring break week and the family coming for a visit. We cleaned the house, worked extra shifts at the restaurant, and cleaned the house, did some redecorating, some more cleaning....etc. So we got everything ready for the week of FUN!

Last Saturday evening, (4/16), Nate's parents, Jen (Nate's sister), Matt (Jen's husband) and their 6 month old son, Bryce descended into our house. Nate and I cooked a mexican dinner and the family sat around and talked all evening. We took them around our complex and neighborhood to give them a feel for where we live and what we do in our free time. Mom and Dad chose to stay at a hotel about 5 mins from us....we would have squeezed them onto the couch or in a closet if they had wanted to stay with us. Matt, Jen and Bryce took up residence in Cori's room and Cori moved her mattress and clothes into Joel's room.

On Sunday, we loaded up the vehicles and went into LA. We went to the LaBrea Tar pits and later on to Hollywood. Cori got tar on her favorite shoes...which we later cleaned off. Joel added 3 or 4 crushed pennies to his collection. We had a great time laughing and enjoying the beautiful weather.

On to Hollywood, (Nate and I have been many times but it was the first time for our kids)...Joel and Cori with the Harry Potter cement slab. Joel with Darth Vader and our group with Shrek.

After the long day in LA, we came home and Mom made dinner for us. Which was SO super nice.Thanks Mom! Then we all hung out, played some games and I snuggled with Bryce till he fell asleep in my arms.

Love this little guy!
This was just the 1st Day! more to come about the rest of the week. So much to tell you about and so little space on the blog. And I am a little OCD and want to split it all up nicely!

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