Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cori's 1st Varsity Swim Meet - Videos

Cor's Fly 100
Cori's Anchor relay 100 free - Cori is the anchor in this race and the team that won is the best club team for Marina. I only video taped Cori's part of this race. 

Cori's Relay - They won

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Swimming with Passion

Cori started her second year of swim this week. She is on the advance team which means being on the pool deck at 5am Mon, Wed, Fri plus 2 hour practices after school every day. This year Cori has added in 3 days of weight training to her schedule. Cori is keeping an A/B average in all her classes including 2 AP classes.

Last Saturday was her practice meet. This means the coach splits the team had them compete against each other. Cori dropped 2 mins off her breaststroke, won 50 fly, won 100 backstroke and breast a senior by .02 sec.

Tuesday was her first meet of the season and she dropped time in all 3 of her races.

Friday was another meet and Cori won 2 races. She won 100 im, 50 fly.

Today I'm sitting on the pool deck watching her compete again. This meet in between 5 schools. A normal meet between 2 schools lets each racer swim 4 times. In this meet, a Cori swims 4 races, takes a break, swims 2 relays and then finals. Cori is swimming 10 races today.
Cori swam fly, freestyle, kick, and 100 free. Next came a 100 im relay, which they won. Next was 4 races in the above events, as her finals and then the 200 relay medley.

We have one very tired swimmer and yet she is so excited for all that is happening in swim. We are so proud of het hard work and dedication.