Tuesday, July 19, 2011

WOW ~ World of Warcraft

Since Nate now works for Blizzard, he has convinced me to start playing World of Warcraft. Most people who play computer games know about this game and those who don't have usually heard of the game. You are a person who wonders around and does quests in this mid-evil world. At least this is what I think the game is about. For those who play, I am a Human Hunter.  You can play with others and chat with friends. You can also do raids and go kill other people in the game. I don't like that part. I don't want to interact with other players. I just want to log on, complete my quests and level up.

My kids love to stand over my shoulder and tell me how to play the game. Every time Nate comes over to help with something he turns the volume up. I don't like the volume because the lady on the game keeps telling me "out of range", "spell not ready yet" and "to close" all of which is because when I fight, I just push the buttons till the animal dies.

I do play more than I thought I would and the game does suck you in until you have been playing for hours not mins.

Foot Update!

After last Tuesday night's swan dive in the hallway, I have been resting my foot and using lots of ice. I worked on Wednesday am, which was probably not a good idea but I was scheduled to help with training a new group of servers and did not want to miss the opportunity to help out. After Wednesday, I came home iced and rested. On Thursday, I admitted defeat and called in sick as well as on Saturday to give my foot time to heal. I rested those 3 days and my foot is feeling a lot better. I am back to work but at a much slower pace, which is hard for me since I like to more fast and serving is a fast-paced job. I am managing and my foot is getting better each day. I just hope it continues that way!

Nate has been awesome (and the kids but more Nate) with my foot, helping with meals so I can rest and stuffing me with vitamins to help me heal faster and stay healthy. I have an AWESOME husband who is always willing to hump in and help whenever needed.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nate's Motorcycle

Over the last 3 years Nate and I have been a one car family. When we moved out to CA, we looked at what it would cost for a second vehicle. We settled on a motorcycle for Nate. Lucky for me the state of CA requires that all motorcyclist take a weekend training class before getting their license to drive a motorcycle. Nate took the class last summer and then went and bought a motorcycle, Yamaha FC6R, Black and shinny. The driving rules are different for motorcyclist than in other states. Nate can use the carpool lane which lets him get to work faster and also saves us on gas and a car payment.

Nate has now had the bike for a year and I realized I did not have a picture of him on his bike. Here are a few pics. The kids and I do not ride the bike yet because we do not have helmets and gear to ride on the roads. While taking the pictures, I did get to ride down the parking lot (and so did Joel) but we only went 10 mph and only for a few secs. I would love to be able to buy a helmet and jacket so I can ride with Nate but we don't have the money yet.

Nate with all his gear

Joel trying to ride 

Val getting to sit on the bike...I could never ride by myself b/c I am to short
My first ride...down the parking lot

Sand, Salt, and Water

Today we got to spend a few hours at the beach. Cori brought a friend and the 4 of us headed a couple of miles to the beach. The wind was nice while the sun was bright, warm and enjoyable. The kids played in the water. We brought our boogie boards and the kids "rode" the waves. I was able to sit and read some of my book and a magazine...which was restful for me.

Joel got out at one point to tell me his chest was all dry. He told Cori the same thing, and then asked her to touch it. After Cori refused several times, I stepped in to tell Joel that he was the only one who wanted to touch his chest.

As if 3 hours at the beach was not enough, we went home and spend another 2 hours at the pool. The kids wanted to "warm up" in the hot tub, only they swam in the pool more than anything else. After dinner, I went to talk to Nate for a few mins and came back to the living room to find both kids asleep....before 8pm. I guess I really wore them out with all the sand, salt and water.

Joel on the boogie board

Cori riding the wave

the ocean

Cori with her board

The sad part of the day is when I slipped on a patch of water in the hallway. I heard my right ankle "pop" as I went to try and catch myself with the fall. I have been putting ice on it ever since. I hope it feels better before work tomorrow am. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Getting into Shape - Status after a week

I am a week n a half into the new "getting into shape". I reached my goals for week 1. I lost 3 pounds, walked everyday and had almost no sugar. Since then I am more aware of what I am eating and if I am actually hungry or bored. If I watch tv and start to get the munchies then I start knitting or doing something with my hands to keep from thinking about the food. I'm still trying to keep to 4 cokes a day and walking or exercise.

The shorts I could not wear 2 weeks ago, fit very nicely now!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Parental Teaching Moment Ruined!!!!

Every parent attempts to teach their kids how to be polite to others, respect their elders, clean up after themselves and obey. (Or at least the parents I like to associate myself with)

At the complex's pool, there are floats that have been left as "community" floats for all residents. The policy we have for using those floats is to share and pick up after yourselves. Today, as we were finishing our time at the pool, Joel was politely cleaning up the unused floats and placing them on the side of the pool. The other person at the pool (who is being placed by God in my life to test me in every way) told Joel to not obey me!!!! So Joel continued to obey and I told the lady that Joel is just cleaning up the floats we used and making sure we do not leave the pool a mess. No One else at the pool was using these floats.

To make her point even more rude.... She went and pulled Every float out and threw them in the pool!

I just shake my head and say Why? I am trying to teach my kids to clean up, be responsible and someone who does not like me wants to defy everything about what I do! It is so frustrating but at least my kids are learning to be respectful and clean up even when others are not!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Getting into Shape ~ Day 3

On day three, everything seemed easier. Work was really easy and so was my food. I stayed under my calories, only ate 3 bites of a piece of cake at work, 2 cokes and lots of grilled chicken.

Feeling good about the changes to my diet and routine and not feeling guilty about the small slip-ups.

Today (Saturday) may be more of a challenge as I am off work all day with Nate and the kids.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Getting into Shape ~ Day 2

1. Only 4 cokes a day (sounds like s lot but that is cutting way back) ~ Only had 1 Coke and did not drink in all  ~ 
2. Walk 30 mins each day ~ Walked 45 mins  ~ 
3. No sweets! ~ Check ~ ( had two mini lemon cookies late last night )
4. Only fruits for snack ~ yes, a grapefruit  ~
5. Drink more juices, Gatorade, and maybe some water ~ no juice but 1 Gatorade and 2 glass of water ~

So far just lost the 2 pounds but as I said in my last post that was the easiest pounds to lose...or as Nate says that is just one meal and does not count. He can be so encouraging. 

Today is the 3rd day and parts of my body are sore and hurting. My craving for sweets in getting stronger but I am determined to Power Thru!