Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sand, Salt, and Water

Today we got to spend a few hours at the beach. Cori brought a friend and the 4 of us headed a couple of miles to the beach. The wind was nice while the sun was bright, warm and enjoyable. The kids played in the water. We brought our boogie boards and the kids "rode" the waves. I was able to sit and read some of my book and a magazine...which was restful for me.

Joel got out at one point to tell me his chest was all dry. He told Cori the same thing, and then asked her to touch it. After Cori refused several times, I stepped in to tell Joel that he was the only one who wanted to touch his chest.

As if 3 hours at the beach was not enough, we went home and spend another 2 hours at the pool. The kids wanted to "warm up" in the hot tub, only they swam in the pool more than anything else. After dinner, I went to talk to Nate for a few mins and came back to the living room to find both kids asleep....before 8pm. I guess I really wore them out with all the sand, salt and water.

Joel on the boogie board

Cori riding the wave

the ocean

Cori with her board

The sad part of the day is when I slipped on a patch of water in the hallway. I heard my right ankle "pop" as I went to try and catch myself with the fall. I have been putting ice on it ever since. I hope it feels better before work tomorrow am. 

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