Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Parental Teaching Moment Ruined!!!!

Every parent attempts to teach their kids how to be polite to others, respect their elders, clean up after themselves and obey. (Or at least the parents I like to associate myself with)

At the complex's pool, there are floats that have been left as "community" floats for all residents. The policy we have for using those floats is to share and pick up after yourselves. Today, as we were finishing our time at the pool, Joel was politely cleaning up the unused floats and placing them on the side of the pool. The other person at the pool (who is being placed by God in my life to test me in every way) told Joel to not obey me!!!! So Joel continued to obey and I told the lady that Joel is just cleaning up the floats we used and making sure we do not leave the pool a mess. No One else at the pool was using these floats.

To make her point even more rude.... She went and pulled Every float out and threw them in the pool!

I just shake my head and say Why? I am trying to teach my kids to clean up, be responsible and someone who does not like me wants to defy everything about what I do! It is so frustrating but at least my kids are learning to be respectful and clean up even when others are not!

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