Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nate's Motorcycle

Over the last 3 years Nate and I have been a one car family. When we moved out to CA, we looked at what it would cost for a second vehicle. We settled on a motorcycle for Nate. Lucky for me the state of CA requires that all motorcyclist take a weekend training class before getting their license to drive a motorcycle. Nate took the class last summer and then went and bought a motorcycle, Yamaha FC6R, Black and shinny. The driving rules are different for motorcyclist than in other states. Nate can use the carpool lane which lets him get to work faster and also saves us on gas and a car payment.

Nate has now had the bike for a year and I realized I did not have a picture of him on his bike. Here are a few pics. The kids and I do not ride the bike yet because we do not have helmets and gear to ride on the roads. While taking the pictures, I did get to ride down the parking lot (and so did Joel) but we only went 10 mph and only for a few secs. I would love to be able to buy a helmet and jacket so I can ride with Nate but we don't have the money yet.

Nate with all his gear

Joel trying to ride 

Val getting to sit on the bike...I could never ride by myself b/c I am to short
My first ride...down the parking lot

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