Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Foot Update!

After last Tuesday night's swan dive in the hallway, I have been resting my foot and using lots of ice. I worked on Wednesday am, which was probably not a good idea but I was scheduled to help with training a new group of servers and did not want to miss the opportunity to help out. After Wednesday, I came home iced and rested. On Thursday, I admitted defeat and called in sick as well as on Saturday to give my foot time to heal. I rested those 3 days and my foot is feeling a lot better. I am back to work but at a much slower pace, which is hard for me since I like to more fast and serving is a fast-paced job. I am managing and my foot is getting better each day. I just hope it continues that way!

Nate has been awesome (and the kids but more Nate) with my foot, helping with meals so I can rest and stuffing me with vitamins to help me heal faster and stay healthy. I have an AWESOME husband who is always willing to hump in and help whenever needed.

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