Friday, July 1, 2011

Getting into Shape ~ Day 2

1. Only 4 cokes a day (sounds like s lot but that is cutting way back) ~ Only had 1 Coke and did not drink in all  ~ 
2. Walk 30 mins each day ~ Walked 45 mins  ~ 
3. No sweets! ~ Check ~ ( had two mini lemon cookies late last night )
4. Only fruits for snack ~ yes, a grapefruit  ~
5. Drink more juices, Gatorade, and maybe some water ~ no juice but 1 Gatorade and 2 glass of water ~

So far just lost the 2 pounds but as I said in my last post that was the easiest pounds to lose...or as Nate says that is just one meal and does not count. He can be so encouraging. 

Today is the 3rd day and parts of my body are sore and hurting. My craving for sweets in getting stronger but I am determined to Power Thru! 

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