Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bucket List - WB Studios

FRIENDS is my all time favorite TV show and everyone who knows me, knows this. 

Nate took me on a tour of WB Studios last month and we had a blast. Each tour group is asked what are their favorite shows (I was wearing a Friends t-shirt so she knew my answer). The tour guide would take the tour through the sets that were requested. This made it more fun and interactive since we were all seeing sets and show/movie productions that we were interested in. Nate and I were the most vocal on the tour so we got to see everything we wanted. The tour guide would ask a question and the entire bus would be quiet, then Nate or I would answer. We really tried to give others a chance but if we had not spoken up, we may have not left the parking lot. 
One of the few outdoor sets still around is on the WB lot. The set is currently being used for Hart of Dixie on WB. We got to see Wade's house, the lake, the cottage, and the Rammer Jammer. This same set is used for the bar in True Blood.

We moved past the outside sets and on to the production museum for props. This is a huge building with all kinds of movie/show props used and reused. We saw this guy and immediately thought.... Goonies. Everyone else thought Pirates of the Caribbean. Both were correct we just showed our age and movie knowledge.

There is a wall of Presidential seals, all with a small error on purpose. They can not make an exact duplicate for obvious reasons. 
We saw a huge Batman exhibit with all the vehicles from all 7 movies, costumes, props ect. We saw the same type of exhibit for Harry Potter complete with the sorting hat and giant spider. 

Lastly, the reason for the tour Central Perk.

Complete with a picture of Nate and I on the actual orange couch. 

It was an awesome tour, and so fun to be only a 30 min drive away. Next is the Universal Tour and being in the audience of a show.