Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pinterest Project #2 and #3

Decorations for Fall!

Project #2
I bought a vase 50% off at Michael's 

Orange candle at Wal-mart

2 bags of each, kidney beans, corn kernels, and split peas. 

I started with the split peas and make a nice layer on the bottom of the vase. 

I added the rocks in the middle to add some height to the peas without adding even more peas

Next came the layer of kidney beans and then a layer of corn kernels (no picture)

Next, I added the orange candle in the center of the vase

I added some raffia to the middle of the vase. I tried to make a bow and that did NOT work out.

Here it is on my mantle

Project #3

Start with a round brown placemat

Add 3 different size vases

With 3 different size candles, and they all have a brown color tone to them. Place corn kernels in each vase, then the candles. I added a couple of fake fall leaves to the back of each candle. Placed them on the
 place-mat on my coffee table. Then I added a few more leaves and berries to the mat. 

Top view

Table view! 

1st Pinterest Project Complete!

This past weekend I found a couple of Pinterest projects that I could actually do and fit into my house. Nate said it was way too early to decorate for fall but since Saturday is the first football game then I say it is FALL!

I found a great Alabama wreath on Pinterest but it was $40 on Etsy. I said no way, I can make this for much cheaper. So off I went to Michael's, Joann's and Walmart for supplies.

Supplies ~
1 - straw wrapped wreath ($2.99 at Joann's)
1 - package of red and white felt (3.99 ea at Michael's)
3 - sheets of grey felt (.50 each)
1 - Roll of Houndstooth ribbon
1 - Philips head screwdriver
I already had a rotary knife, and cutting board. These are needed, scissors work but the rotary cutting makes it so much easier.

First, you cut out 4 in squares in each color, I forgot to count out how many I used but the felt I bought made 90 squares and I did not use all of the them. You can use any fabric to make different styles of wreathes but the felt worked better for this project. 

Place the screwdriver in the center of the square and poke into the wreath. 

Like this. If you don't like the way you placed it, just pull in back out. 

Here is the start of the wreath after about 12 of each color. You just take the different pieces and poke them into the wreath as you want the pattern to go. I randomly poked in the gray for added colors. 

This is about half way, when I had to stop and go to

Finished wreath. I  made a bow with the ribbon. I used a garbage tie to tie the bow and then a black zip-tie to attach it to the wreath.