Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pinterest Project #2 and #3

Decorations for Fall!

Project #2
I bought a vase 50% off at Michael's 

Orange candle at Wal-mart

2 bags of each, kidney beans, corn kernels, and split peas. 

I started with the split peas and make a nice layer on the bottom of the vase. 

I added the rocks in the middle to add some height to the peas without adding even more peas

Next came the layer of kidney beans and then a layer of corn kernels (no picture)

Next, I added the orange candle in the center of the vase

I added some raffia to the middle of the vase. I tried to make a bow and that did NOT work out.

Here it is on my mantle

Project #3

Start with a round brown placemat

Add 3 different size vases

With 3 different size candles, and they all have a brown color tone to them. Place corn kernels in each vase, then the candles. I added a couple of fake fall leaves to the back of each candle. Placed them on the
 place-mat on my coffee table. Then I added a few more leaves and berries to the mat. 

Top view

Table view! 

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