Monday, October 8, 2012

Anniversary Vacation Staycation!!!!

Nate and I celebrated 14 years of marriage on Wednesday.....Add 3 years of dating and we have been together 1/2 our lives! Thats some craziness  We are best friends and love each other more each year....So this year we decided to take a few days off work, plan some stuff to do around LA and enjoy 4 days together. Some stuff with the kids and some without! The weekend turned out a little crazier than we thought!!!!

Wednesday night on our anniversary we went to dinner and ate mexican food. We both worked the early shifts on Thursday. When I got home from work at 6pm, there was a guy on my patio, my patio closet door was open, half my closet was on the patio.....I ask the guy what in the world he was doing on my patio! He was wiring the new Verizon internet and tv to the guys upstairs. I go inside where the kids sitting on the couch playing cards bc they had no tv or internet. I walk to the patio to tell the guy about my cable and that it had to be fixed ASAP! and before Grey's Anatomy comes on! He did not even know he had cut the line to my house. Nate and I had planned to go to Knott's Scary Farms (an amusement park) that evening. By 8pm, we knew we were not going because the guys were still trying to get our tv back up. At 8:45 the guy upstairs came and apologized, ordered up pizza and let me watch Grey's upstairs because of what had happened to us. He felt really bad. The tv was finally back on around 10pm, it took them 4 hours to get ours back up!

Friday we went to the Vera Bradley store (which is in LA) and then the Venice Beach (which we have never done). Venice beach is crazy with lots of weed and crazy people walking around. We saw a guy in his underwear, with a boombox on his shoulder, singing. They have a skate park and muscle beach. We saw a couple of street performers, and I danced with them a little, (I was not very good).

Saturday we went to Camelot Golf and played some mini golf for a couple of hours, then we took the kids to see Batman! Nate beat me by 1 stroke on both games of golf!

Saturday night we decided to take Cori off facebook. If you were friends with her and wonder where he page is, we deactivated it. She needs to learn a little bit more about what to and what not to put on the internet. That was stressful and NOT a fun conversation.

On Sunday, We took the kids to church. We have found a church that we all like going to. We are able to go most Sunday mornings with my schedule and 1 Wednesday night a month I can take the kids to youth group. Sunday afternoon Nate and I were watching football and on the computer when we heard a crash and saw a shoulder and arm come thru our living room window. The same people who made us lose our cable have now broken our window. So we help clean up the glass and board up the window. The guy is coming late Monday night to fix it. Then we went to Knotts Scary Farm and went thru mazes, scary houses and rode rides thru the haunted park.

  Monday we are resting around the house, hitting the beach and enjoying dinner while watching the ocean. This has been a great weekend of fun and crazy memories!

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