Monday, November 5, 2012

October Recap 2012 (might be kinda long)

I seem to be getting further and further behind on my blogging and general update on all things Barber! My goal through the next few crazy holiday months is to do a monthly recap...So for October here we GO!!!!

October started great with Nate and I celebrating 14 years of marriage....add on the 3 years of dating and we have been together more than half our lives....Man that seems like a ling time, then it seems to just be flying by. We had a great weekend with mini golf, line dancing, Venice beach (and some crazy pot heads), and Mexican food with a quiet walk on the beach to end the weekend.

In addition to our anniversary, My youngest nephew, Bryce turned 2 and loves him some batman. My middle nephew Davey turned 3 and was bombarded with little people toys. I hate missing the birthdays but the pictures and sending of gifts is fun too.

This month Nate finished his schooling and now has a Bachelor's Degree. So proud of him for finishing school in 4 years while working full time, being a father and husband.

Cori is now officially off Facebook, if you had not noticed already. This new social networking with a teenage  is pretty hard. So many new rules and ones that Never applied to when I was a kid.

Joel had a rocky month with grades and some lying issues. He has been grounded for 2 weeks and counting.... Grades are coming up and I WILL break him of the lying or he may not make it to enjoy Christmas!

The kids were able to trick or treat with friends this year. First time we did not take the kids out for Halloween. I had to work so the kids found other friends to go with. I have to say I did not miss the trick or treating at all. Kinds over the whole things after 13 years.... I did take the kids and a friend to Blizzard where they got to trick or treat around the different buildings through spooky corners and mazes.

Life for me is LIFE! Not a lot of changes just living at the restaurant and taking care of the family and watching football on the weekends, all weekend. On the medical side, it has been 3 months since my surgery and I am doing well with very little pain, thankfully!

We have found a home church for now. We are not members and with my crazy schedule, we are not in a small/life group yet but that is okay with me. I can't work one more thing into my schedule at this point. The kids get to go on Wed nights for the most part and are really enjoying it.

And finally the best news of the month, We are planning our first visit home! We are planning to be in Alabama the first week of April. I know it sounds like a long way off and it is, but we have to plan and save as well as work it into the kids spring break. There was no way we could pull it together for the holidays and I am not ready to go back for a Cold Alabama winter. So on that note I will say Happy October, See you again after Thanksgiving!

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