Thursday, March 10, 2011

Funny Quotes from Today

Here are a couple of funny stories from today. I had to write them down fast before I forgot.

Cori and Me
I had just gotten off the phone with Nate and commented to Cori that he loved me.
C- really, I could not tell
M- okay then we will have to make out in front of you more often
C- NO! please no! I know you love each other

Cori and Me
Cori had a guy ask her to be his girlfriend in a letter today.
C- Mom, you can tell a lot about a guy and how they ask you out.
C- yeah, if they ask you out in person then they are confident, brave and not afraid of a challenge and if they ask you out in a note then they are just wimpy and really scared of a "no" in the face.
C- I wont go out with a guy who asks me out in a note.

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