Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Car Trouble::::)

I have been having a problem with my car for a while now. There is a sensor in the engine that is going bad. When you start the car, you have to let the engine fully heat up before driving or the sensor will cut the engine off. This has been a problem since we were in Birmingham but thought it was because the weather was so cold. When we moved we never had a problem and did not have to heat the car up to drive it. Then a couple of weeks ago it started acting up again. The last straw for me is when I was driving on the freeway on my home from work at 11pm at night and the engine cut off. I had to coast over to an exit and wait for the car to heat up again. Nate was able to take the car in and get a rental car for the 2 days while the car was being fixed. The rental car and the entire bill for the car was covered under our warranty. Praise the Lord, that everything with the car worked out. I am so glad to not have to waste any more gas by warming up the engine every day.

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