Saturday, March 12, 2011

Joel's Surprise Party!

Thursday night I started to make a LEGO birthday cake for Joel. We wanted to surprise him with a cake and small party. After Joel went to bed on Thursday night, Cori and I started making the cakes. We also make some muffins for breakfast Friday morning, as the decoy in case Joel woke up or asked about the noise. He did not ask about anything. We baked two large sheet cakes in carrot and strawberry flavor. I hid the cakes in my closet so Joel would not find them.

As soon as Joel left for school on Friday, I started to work on the cake. It took me 5 1/2 hours to construct the cake. Then I walked the cake to the neighbor's house to leave it until the party. I used 4 different flavors on the cake, dyed the icing to make lego blocks, and used oreo's to add the bumps on the bricks. I also added a bunch of lego men to the cake and wrote happy birthday. (a bunch of times to get it right).

Joel came home from school and went to the pool for a while, then came back and played board games. Then Nate came home from work and Joel and him went to pick up the pizza. As soon as they left for the pizza, Cori and I ran to get the cake. My friend Melissa and her kids came over to help us decorate in under 10 mins. Nate sent a text that they were home and out went the lights. I could hear Joel ask Nate why the lights were off and where was mom and Cori. Joel was super surprised when he came inside.

We did cake and presents first, then pizza and silly string, then wii games in the living room. Fun was had by all, and I was SO glad that he loved his cake.

Saturday, we took Joel shopping to spend his birthday money. He spent most of it on Hero Factory LEGO's, pokemon, movies, and mighty bean's. I am so glad that Joel had so much fun on his birthday!

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Crazy Eights said...

Happy Birthday to Joel!! I'm glad you had a fun party!!