Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nothing New!

Not a lot of things going on around here. We are all just "trucking" along through each day. Nate is working, I am working, Cori is going to school (stressing about grades, even with making all A's), Joel is going to school and making great grades too. The days and weeks are just flying by. We are about to start the "birthday season". Within 31 one days we have mine, Joel's and Cori's birthday.

We have signed up for Netflix, which let's us stream unlimited movies and tv shows through our computers and tv's. We are all getting a lot of use out of it and I hope to not have to rent/buy movies for a while.

Nate was home all weekend and I enjoyed the meals he cooked for the family. I have decided that one of my favorite places in the house is to sit on the bar stool while Nate cooks dinner. It is fun to watch him cook and me just sit and watch, then enjoy the meal. Nate loves to cook most of the time and he loves that we (the family) loves his food.

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