Thursday, February 17, 2011

Surviving Valentine's ~ 2011

I SURVIVED! It may not sound like much to most people but it was a hell of a week.

Last Thursday was my off day for the week. On Friday, my work day went well but in the afternoon I started feeling sick. By the evening I had a full blown cold, fever, body aches, can't breath....etc. When I got up Saturday morning I was barely able to stay vertical. Nate doped me up on vitamins and cold medicine. I went to work all day, and it was pure torcher. I came home and Nate had made me some chicken and green beans. Where were great. I ate and went to bed. When I woke up on Sunday morning, I was feeling SO MUCH better. It was amazing how much better I felt. I still had a cold but the fever and body aches were gone.

Sunday, I headed into work for a 5 hour shift. After a couple of hours, the manager asked if I would stay and work a double. It was my first night shift and my first double. I worked 10 1/2 hours and it made for a really long day. Monday, I went in and did it all over a gain (not the double) but an all day shift. Just went we thought the Valentine's Day rush was over, Tuesday hit. Tuesday was just as busy as Monday (for all the people who did not want to go out on Valentine's Day). The restaurant served over 1100 people just for dinner on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday also were very busy days but now I am off for an entire day!

Here are just some of the crazy things we heard (from guests) in the restaurant during this weekend.
~ Where are the toilets? (not bathroom, restroom etc but)
~ Asked a guest if they enjoyed their meal and this is the response "My legs hurt like I have been having sex all day!"
~ (on Valentines's day) Why in the world are you guys so busy? (really?)
~ A couple came in celebrating their 70th Valentines together (impressive)
~ People standing in line to pick up their carry-out order and calling the restaurant and asking what is taking so long and is their food ready.

The life of a server is NEVER boring or the same thing everyday!

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