Thursday, February 3, 2011

~ Homesick ~

I have these moments when I get especially homesick. They come at different times and when they are happening, I can't talk about it or let Nate hug me because I will cry. I had one of those moments yesterday. It took me all day to get it under control. (I sound like a druggy or something) There is nothing that triggers it but I will be driving or walking and just want to cry because I miss family, friends, activities, family drama and the lifestyle I have known my entire life. These moments are getting further apart, and I am not getting AS homesick as before but it still catches me by surprise sometimes, and yesterday was that day. Even my cousin was telling me that my text messages were short n he could tell I was "out of it". 

So after those kinds of moments I try to re-focus and excentuate the positive. So on we go.......

After my mom and sister left last week, we have been back into the regular routine of work, play, school and more work. Nate's project is getting closer to the end and he is working overtime most nights and some weekends. They are trying to push the game on to the developers and release June 1st. I am working 5 days a week and helping my neighbor keep her little boy while she takes her other son on auditions. I have been spending a lot of time on a new Harry Potter Lego games... I am a casual gamer and so when I find a game I actually want to play, it takes up a lot of my time. 

My sister Christie had her birthday on Tuesday. Her husband Jason is going to the Mayo Clinic next week to have some tests run on his heart. Please be praying for them as they travel and receive the results of the test. 

Nate's cousin Rachael (husband Jonathan) had their first baby girl yesterday. Elizabeth Marie Bailes was born yesterday afternoon on Ground Hog's Day. Mother, baby and family are all doing well. She is so cute and has lots of hair. 

The weather for the last couple of weeks have been amazing...(not to rub it in the face of the people in Bama with the ice storm). The weather has been great with lows in the 50's and highs in the 70's. Nate and I have been able to go for nice walks in the morning and the kids have been able to roller blade and play at the park. 

My cousin Joseph is coming for a visit tonight. Joseph and his friend Willy are crashing at our house for the weekend.  So we will have people over to watch the Super Bowl with us. Will be cheering for Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers. 


Jennifer said...

We miss you all like crazy, too!! We CAN NOT wait to see you in a few months!!!! I can't believe it has been almost a year since you moved. Love you!

Valarie Barber said...

Thanks so much! We miss you guys too!!!! WE are counting down till you visit. Love you too!