Friday, February 18, 2011

New games!

Tonight was the first night in a long time that we have been able to go out somewhere as a family. Of course we picked the one night in a month that is was raining but we needed groceries and the family time. Nate and I have been working so much and wanted to say thank-you to the kids for being so good. We went to the mall and had Japanese food to share. We talked about life, Noah and the flood, how the new song by Black Eyed Peas is not theirs originally....(some was made popular on the movie Dirty Dancing...Time of my life), how all parents hate the music their kids listen to and how Nate and I both got in trouble for our music as high schoolers, new boyfriends...etc.

Then we went over to Gamestop to let Cori and Joel get a new(used) video game. Nate got a game for his PC (WOW) and I got one for my computer. We also went grocery shopping and are all at home now. Joel is in my room on his DS and the tv. Cori moved the wii into her room to play and Nate and I are in the living room on our computers playing our new games.

YEAH! for family night!

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