Thursday, February 10, 2011

Last week at a glance!

Last Thursday, my cousin Joseph came for a visit. He brought a friend, Willy. These two guys are college boys so I knew the weekend visit would be totally different then when the family visits. They guys arrived late Thursday night. They slept in Cori's room which meant she was to sleep on th floor in Joel's room. Joel was so sweet and gave her his bed. Later I heard him getting 2 glasses of water. When I asked him about it, he said he had to give Cori some since she was a guest in his room. It was so sweet, and very rare.

On Friday, Joseph, Willy and I drove to Pasadena to see the Rose Bowl (where the BCS Championship was last year, and Alabama won their 13th Championship), went to the scenic place to see the Hollywood sign, drove down some CRAZY narrow streets, had appetizers at Hooters in Hollywood and were back home thru rush hour traffic in under 6 hours. Guys site-see so differently, and faster then girls.
We were both so upset that we left our Alabama shirts at my house!
On Saturday, the guys went to San Diego and then to Joseph's family friend a bout an hour from us.

Sunday was SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! I was given the day off from work, We hung out around the house all day. The game starts here at 3pm so we camped out in front of the TV to watch the game and commercials.
Watching the game with the patio door open....70's weather

More watching
The Food Spread ~ Thanks to Nate!
I learned a couple of things about college guys. 
~ will sleep thru anything
~ like to just "wing it" and not plan....which includes asking for directions
~ can drink some BEER!
~ they site-see like I Black Friday shop......go, see, leave
~ Love the Ladies! 
~ will get in the ocean that was only 50 degrees. 
~ they are really no problem when it comes to taking care of them!

Monday, was back to work week. Joseph and Willy left to go back to Atlanta and the rest of us went back to school and work. Cori and Joel have been really nice to each other this week. I hope I don't jinx it right now. I have been fighting a cold, and losing. Nate has been working very hard. He has until the end of February to see if he will get to keep his job, or if he will have to go back to serving at Maggiano's.

Monday night I went to the Maggiano's Christmas Party. Nate opted to stay at home with the kids. Wise choice on his part, and the party started at 9pm - 2am. I got there at 9 and was an early one. I was a little disappointed with the food. We had the party at a mexican place, with very little mexican food. A friend begged the bartender for chips n salsa for us. The party started out like a middle school dance with the lights and music blaring but no one dancing. After the dance contest and the raffle drawing, I hit the road. I was very glad, there was a lot of drinking and craziness after I left.

Cayla and Sam A
Cori had a Valentine's dance today at school and I took Joel to get his Valentine's cards for class. Joel got some Prince of Persia ones with tattoos, Bakukon with magnets and Transformers with pencils. I think we are all set for the party tomorrow. Joel turned in a bunch of his DS games that he had beaten. He had enough to buy the new Pokemon White that comes out March 6th. He was super excited. After picking Cori up from the dance she told us about how lame it was, no one danced, and that music was really loud. Joel asked what kind of music was playing and I said rock, Cori corrected me and said no it was pop and R and B. My bad, I thought rock and pop were the same thing. Cori said I was just getting old. Joel corrected her that 50 was old, so I was not old yet. I will not mention the family members that both kids started pointing out as old. You can guess that one on your own! 

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