Thursday, February 3, 2011

Playing Card Collection

After Nate and I were married, I was going through some of his stuff and found a couple of decks of playing cards.
3 Florida and 1 Colorado Set
This is what has spawned my collection of playing cards. I now have over 100 single sets and 8 double sets of cards. I am really enjoying this type of collection. I can look at the different decks and remember the people and places I have been. Some sets are from people who are not a part of my life now, but I have great memories of our friendships.
These 2 are from our friends Rob n Kristyn Evans (they live in TX now)
This is my International Set (From different family members travels)
These cards bring back events in my life and the lives of my friends and family. The first deck in the above picture is from Aruba, where my Uncle Kerry went for a month when the girl from Hoover went missing. The one from Greece, is from Nate's Mom when she went with Aunt Betty to Europe. There is one from Kazakhstan, Britain (Uncle Mike went for a visit) and Paris when Nate's Mom was there too. 

A few sets from my friend Christine Malik - I love the double deck with the one picture.

These are from Christie and Jason
These 3 are from Matt and Amy Palmer

This is my Braille set
This is my random sets for Christmas and Birthdays

This is just a few of the many decks I have. I love adding to my collection either from my trips or from trips my family and friends take. Here is a glimpse at my whole collection, that has to be in 2 photos to get them all.

I have different ones from the same state or the same location, like 3 from the San Diego zoo, but that does not matter to me. I have different memories from each deck. Nate's sister Jennifer gave me 2 decks from her trip to the zoo and then I got one when we went on our first visit to the zoo. I have a couple of clear decks, a deck replica of the civil war times, and a playboy deck that shows the covers of the magazines through out the years (and how they have changed). So keep me and my collection in mind the next time you take a trip. A couple of special ones I am looking for are.... Dallas Cowboys deck and Hard Rock Cafe deck. 
(I am putting pictures of the whole collection on facebook).

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