Monday, January 24, 2011

Top 10 Things to NOT do to your Server!

At work, we have been talking about the best way to accommodate the guests on a daily basis. Most restaurants and servers go out of their way to help the guests every time for every visit. There are ways for you as a guests to also help your server, serve you better.

Here is the top 10 things servers Hate to see at a table they are serving.....

10. Control your Kids ~ Yes, kids are hard to control in a restaurant and yes most restaurants give coloring pages to kids but it is not the job of the server to entertain, feed, clean up your child, it is also not their job to take your child to the bathroom (Yes, I have had this happen.....) or chase your child around the restaurant. Children are given a highchair or booster seat for a reason.....Do not let your child follow the server into the kitchen. If your child is not behaved enough to sit for an hour in a restaurant and not scream at the top of his lungs, then take him to McDonald's or hire a babysitter.

9. Ordering items not on the menu ~ If you do not see the item you want, then the restaurant does not have it and can not make it for you. The servers have no way to magically make the ingredients appear for the cooks to make. Most cooks don't even speak English to be able to understand the "new" items anyway. Order off the menu or go somewhere else.

8. Don't shake your empty glass at your server. ~ Show your server respect by asking for another drink....most times the server sees your need for a new coke after you drank the last one in 2 gulps but has 10 other tables to take care of and will be right back with a drink soon!

7. Do not create your own entrĂ©e ~ It is okay to order a salad with the dressing on the side or no cheese but do not order a caesar salad, only romaine lettuce, ranch dressing, no cheese, add tomatoes and bacon on the side. This is no longer a caesar salad. Especially don't complain because you do not like your new creation.

6. Verbal Tips ~ Servers are glad that you enjoyed your meal and happy you think they are best waiter in the world but when you then leave a $2 tip on a $50 check.....the server just thinks you are cheap!

5. Animals in Restaurants ~ We know you love your animal/pet but they do not need to come in to a restaurant and eat with you. Do not try to stuff your dog in your purse, we still see you feeding him under the table. Please take your food and pet to the park to eat not our restaurant. No one loves your pet as much as you do.

4. Do not ask for water and a bowl of lemons with extra sugar. ~ most restaurants have lemonade, do not be so cheap as to ask for water, bowl of lemons, and extra sugar to make your own lemonade because you do not want to pay $2 for lemonade.

3. Do not get mad at your server when YOU spill your drink ~ It is not the fault of the server or the restaurant when you spill your own drink. Do not ask for a discount on your food because you spilled your drink.

2. No matter what kind of hurry you are in, it still takes time to actually cook your food. ~ The server is not just letting your food get cold in the kitchen. The cooks are cooking your food and it will be out when it is ready. When you order a well done steak, it will take 20 mins, not 5.

1. CAMPERS! ~ If you want to sit at a table for 4 (with only 2 people) for 4 hours, that is fine. Just remember that the server could have had 10 other tables while you sat and sipped your 8th cup of coffee. Tip accordingly because they were your server the entire time you sat and drank coffee.

Here is a video from YouTube that a server made about guests. This is not always the case but it is very funny to other servers!
Why Your Waiter Hates You - part 3


Jennifer said...

That video is hilarious!!!! The monotone bears make it even better!

Valarie Barber said...

I know. A guy from work showed them to me. There are a bunch of them on YouTube. You should also look for the one about waiters and chili's.