Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Santa Monica Pier (take 2)

On Monday, everyone (minus Nate who had to work) went to the Santa Monica Pier. We all rode the rides, shopped in the shops, took pictures on the pier and walked on the sand. My kids had never been on the Ferris Wheel which was fun for all. I am not a huge fan of heights. I can deal with them but still not a fan. The Ferris Wheel is really hard for me to ride, as I swing out over the ocean with nothing but air between me and the ground. I was trying to be strong for the kids. I have pasted my fear onto Cori but want her to grow out of it before she gets to be an adult. Joel just acts scared till he gets half way thru the ride and starts loving it. I also rode the rides with everyone (last time I opted to let my kids ride by themselves....i will do the same next time). The coolest new thing for the kids, was a guy who had trained birds to let kids hold and pet. Here is a couple of pictures (I will put more on facebook). The kids had a blast.

Joel has decided to start collecting pressed pennies....he has a book to keep them in and has 4 or 5 already, from the pier and hollywood. Anyone find a penny press machine, he would love to add to his collection. I like it because it is a cheap thing to collect.

It does not look like it here - but Joel is super excited about the bird on his arm


Getting ready to go up on the ferris wheel

Joel on the roller coaster (you can tell it was not that scary if I can take a picture while riding)

The view of the ocean

Christie bought this picture of us after the ride!
After our day in Santa Monica, we drove back to the house. This was the last day for Mom and Christie. We enjoyed having them and they enjoyed being here.....Now 2 days later, I am getting my house back in order and kids to bed early to help re-cooperate from their lack of sleep.

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