Sunday, February 20, 2011

Couple of Prayer Requests

I find myself always thinking of the ways God is blessing us and then want to "blog" about them. This time I am asking for your prayers (before or while God is working). There are a couple so thanks in advance for the added prayers.

Nate's Job ~ Nate has been working for a gaming studio for the last couple of months. He was hired as a "contract" worker, which means when the contract or project is up, so is his job. This is the way a lot of company's work to help cut costs in the industry (and California in general). His current project is up the end of February. He might get offered another contract on the next project or they may not have any extra work for a while. It is very stressful waiting to hear the verdict. They have already closed out the contracts on 2 other guys and they only got a 2 day notice that their contract was up. Nate can go back to Maggiano's full time but he would rather work for this company or somewhere else in the industry.

Dawn ( my baby sister) goes to the Doctor tomorrow. She is pregnant and this will be her 1st doctors visit tomorrow. I hope and pray everything goes well for her and David.

Christie's husband Jason has been diagnosed with a heart problem. I do not know all the details or fully understand everything but Jason and Christie were sent to the Mayo Clinic to have some tests run. The Dr's want Jason to have heart surgery in the next couple of months. Please pray for healing, strengths for dealing with doctors and overall peace for Christie and Jason.

Thanks for your prayers and I will update as God answers them....

Surprise answer to prayer.... Last year Cori's school required the 5th graders to get a booster shot of the whooping cough. It was free and the shot was given by the school nurse. It was optional (not required yet...). We went ahead and had Cori get the shot. Last week I received a notice from Cori's school this year, requiring all 6th graders (going into 7th grade) get this shot. Cori has already had the shot and all I have to do is take the shot record to the school. We are so grateful we had this done in B'ham already.

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