Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Fun!

Friday morning  the kids and I did a photoshoot in our front yard....with the rocks and creek that flows thru the walkways and buildings. It was a lot of fun with lots of smiles and laughter.

Saturday was a day of fun, shopping, checking out the 2 story Target at the mall, washing the car, and letting the kids go to movie night at the neighbors. They watched "The Spy next Door" and said it was really funny. Cori and her friend Taylor, set up the seating, made snacks, tickets, and door prizes for the group.

Sunday we went to Calvery Chapel in Costa Mesa for the first time. The building was nice and big with rows of chaoisr outside in case you want to enjoy the weather while listening to the sermon. The music was not our style of worship. We prefer more upbeat music at a faster pace. They only had a guitar that was not very loud so the music was more accupela. The sermon was okay, again just not our style of preaching. We will continue to look for a church we fit into as the weeks go by.

Sunday, I also went to orientation for my job. I start the traiing program on Wednesday. I am going to have a lot to learn but I think I am going to love working there. We have 3 different uniforms depending on the part of the restaurant we are serving in.

Today is Nate's last day of training. He is already loving his new job and the food. He was able to try at least 10 dishes a day until he had tried the entire menu. He brought a couple of the dishes home and the rest of us got to try them out. They were really good.

Today I had to drag the sewing machine out of the garage and get to work. I have pants to hem, an apron to hem (b/c it hits the floor instead of mid-calf), 2 shirts to make button holes and buttons for the collar, land earn to tie a tie.

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