Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Training Day at King's Fish House

Today was my first day at King's Fish House. We have three types of uniforms to wear to work. One is a button down shirt, tie, and black pants. The other two are a blue polo and a denim shirt. Depending on which part of the restaurant you are serving in, is which outfit you wear. Now, for the tie issue. Back in the 80's girls were wearing ties loosly, with button down shirts, and bright colors. I begged my Dad to let me wear a tie. I thought they were so "cool". He told me no, that ties were for boys. He was right. Now 15 yrs later, I am wearing a tie to work everyday and not a big fan of it.  Thanks Dad! (love you).

I have to be at work at 8am for training. I was not sure of the traffic so I left an hour early this morning and got there 40 mins early. So no traffic on the 22 at 7am. Good to know for tomorrow. There are 9 people in the training class, 5 for our store and 4 for the Long Beach store. One of the girls from LB wore 3 in heels instead of her non-slip shoes. That was pretty funny to see her walking through the kitchen in the heels. The day went fairly well. We learned new menu items and tasted new food.

I tried fried scalops for the first time, as well as grilled artichokes. I liked the scalops and did not like the artichokes. Tomorrow is oyster, sushi and beer day. We will see how it goes.

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