Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Finding lost toys

As most people who know my family, Joel loves his Nintendo DS and his games. About a year ago, Joel lost one of his cases with 3 games in it. We looked everywhere, church, school, Nana's house, Grandma's house. We called friends and family because none of us could figure where he could of lost it. So we just knew the games were gone.

Today almost a year later, Joel found these games. The case with 3 games was stuck in the side of the recliner. The recliner does not come apart and the case never fell out during the move and everything. Joel was just sitting in the chair and reached down the inside, side and found it. He is so excited.


Michelle said...

That is better than finding $20 in your coat pocket when you put it on for the first time of the fall.

Valarie Barber said...

I know. Joel was so happy and has been playing the new (old) games non-stop.

shelba Nivens said...

Tell Joel, I'm happy for him.