Monday, July 26, 2010

Weddings and Marriage

I have been working on my photo's in photoshop today. This requires that I take a look at a bunch of older family photos. I have done two collage's of our family weddings. 

These weddings range from 1998 when Nate and I got married to last May when Nate's youngest sister Carrie got married. That is 11 years and 11 weddings throughout both families.
Nate's side of the family, siblings, and cousins on their wedding day. 
All but one of these weddings we were able to attend. 

My side of the family, siblings weddings. The kids and I were at all of these weddings. Still waiting on the cousins to start getting married. 

I have been thinking about marriage and wedding today. Whether you are in your teen's, twenty's, or thirties when you get married, you are still young and oblivious to the world around you. Then as the years go by you realize how little you knew back then and how much more you will know and understand in the years to come. Getting married is about a commitment to the other person, till death do us many people now have forgotten that part of the vows. They think it is okay to up and leave, cheat on each other, lie to each other, not communicate with each other, be best friends with other people of the opposite sex, and give up way to easily on the marriage and commitment that they made to each other and to God. 
I am so grateful for the love and commitment that Nate and I have to each other, God and our marriage. 

~ Here are the top 5 Things that I think are important 
for a marriage to survive ~ 
1. God, He has to be #1 in your life, then #1 in your marriage. By placing God in the center of your marriage then He will help you stay faithful and true to Him and your marriage. 
2. Communication ~ This is key, by communicating to each other everything and all your feelings then there is less misunderstandings and less fighting. Guys and Girls are not made the same way and thus do not think and communicate in the same way. Don't beat around the bush when you have something to say. Just say it and mean it. If you don't meant it then don't say it. 
3. Honesty ~ Be completely honest and don't lie. By being honest, don't ask your spouse a question you don't want the honest answer to. 
4. Be Flexible  ~ Things are not always all about you, so you have to be flexible. 
5. Spend Time Together ~ I know this sounds like a funny or weird suggestion to all the newlyweds who can't imagine not going to the grocery store and checking the mail without their spouse. But as time go's on and your family grows, it is harder to find time to be together just the two of you. It is great to have time together when life is not pulling you both in 10 different directions. 

Calling all married people....Am I right? Did I list one of your top 5? Or do you think there are others that should be listed? Let me know your thoughts on marriage and the life after. 

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Jennifer said...

These are great! I completely agree with every single one of them!!