Sunday, July 4, 2010

Celebrating the 4th

Last night the kids had a couple of friends over to watch movies for a couple of hours. There was kool-aid and popcorn, and watching of the Percy Jackson movie and the Pokemon movie(or one of many that Joel ownes, he told me he would have to pick out the best one fore movie night). They both made movie and drink tickets for their friends, which they "used" when they got to the "movie".

Nate, the kids and I went to the Huntington Beach Parade this morning. They say it is the biggest one west of the Mississippi. There were about half a million people at the parade today. It was a fun parade with horses, bands, dropped flags, and tons of waying american flags. The kids were bored after an hour, while we stayed for the duration of 2 hours.

Then we had lunch of sandwiches and hit the pool. 2.5 hrs at the pool, watching the kids swim, play volleyball, and dive. Now everyone is sitting around relaxing. We may go back out to watch the fireworks off the pier. The kids want to go but the adults are tired and want to stay home.

Happy Birthday to my Aunt Dawn and Happy Anniversary to my sister Dawn and her husband David.

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