Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gross Content Warning

We serve 9 different kinds of oyster everyday.  I have to be able to tell the customer the difference. Today at work, I tried fresh raw oysters for the first time.Our trainer told us not to "shoot" the oysters but to chew them up a little bit before swallowing. By chewing them a little bit, the flavors are released and make the experiance more enjoyable. Out trainer also told us that these oysters are RAW until they hit your stomach. So they are NEVER cooked......Very encouraging. The head chef came out to reinforce our trainer information and to watch us taste them.

So I pick a moderate size oyster (I kow not to get a big one). I add the red wine sause to help cover the oyster taste and count to 10. Everyone keeps looking around to see who is going to try theirs first. I take a huge breath and shove it in my mouth..... After I chewed a couple of times, the taste was released and so did my stomach......I quickly spit out the rest of the oyster into my napkin and drank a lot of coke.

So not a fan of oysters but willing to learn a lot about them to sell to customers.....Sunday I get to try sushi...

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