Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Joel and Sushi

On Sunday, which was my last day of "training", the class got to try all of the sushi that we offer. As I am not a fan of raw food, I was not as excited about the food this day as the rest of the class. I did taste a small piece of raw tuna. Not a fan. So I, being the great wife and mother that I am, brought my leftover sushi home to Nate and Joel. I knew Nate would love it and I knew Joel would give it a try.
There are a couple of types of sushi I brought home. There are rolls with only fish inside and the rice on the outside, this is the kind that Joel loved and wanted more of. There were rolls with crab inside and different types of fish on top, like tuna, yellowtail, salmon. These were ones Joel tried but did not like. Then we have the raw fish on a plate, nothing else. I brought home tuna and salmon in this form. Again Nate loved them all and Joel was not a fan. I am very proud of him for trying all of it. We did not even ask Cori because we knew she would not even try it. (wonder where that comes from).
I also brought home cheese tortiline with salmon (cooked) ina white wine sauce. It is very good and both boys loved it.
Working at these two new restaurants has really opened up our food experiance.

We have tried sushi, salmon, tuna, veal, eggplant parmasian, oysters, fish, grilled artichokes, fried calamari, scalops, mussels, ziti, and chicken parmasian (which Nate made from scratch).

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