Friday, July 23, 2010

Newest Project ~ Photoshop

Since I appear to have nothing to do and a ton of time on my hands...yeah right. I have picked up a new hobby...Photoshoping my pictures and making cool collages. I love to take pictures and so I am taking my love for photo's one step further and adding them to photoshop.

By using Photoshop I can add different pictures together to make a this one of Cori

Or Make part of the picture in black n white and part in this one from our trip to OKC.

Do a funky background behind us.

This one I made most of the background blank n white and also wrote in the names on the chairs from the Memorial. I like it because then you can read the names on the chairs.

These are just some of the fun things I am learning how to do. There will be more to come and lots more affects to add to the photos.

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