Friday, July 23, 2010

Best Beach Day Yet!

Today Nate and I were both off work. So we loaded up the towels, ice chest, book (for me), boogie boards for the kids, and sand buckets to go to the beach. The sun finally came out after we were there about 15 mins. We were finally able to enjoy a fun day at the beach in the sun. The kids are learning how to ride the waves on their boogie boards. The water was only about 65 degrees so I did not get in the water. I graciously watched the towels and ice chest and read my book. Nate got out on the boogie boards for a little while and rode a couple of waves and wiped out on a bunch more. The kids also love to play in the sand and dig holes and make casles. Fun was had by all!

A special thanks to people who do not wear age appropriate and weight appropriate clothes to the beach. You were very entertaining to me as I watched you on the beach today.

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