Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2 Months and Counting

We have now been out in California for 2 months and are starting to get into a routing. We both have jobs and have unpacked the entire house. We have been to the beach and the pool many times. Both kids have made a few friends and we done lots of things as a family. We have started going thru our DVD collection and having "movie night". There are a lot of good movies we have that the kids are now getting old enough to watch. We have watched the Xmen series, Twilight series, Terminator series, and Monday night the kids and Nate watched "I am Legend". I got home about 15 min before the movie ended. After the movie was over, both kids came into my bedroom and asked if zombies are real. Nate had told them "yes" and they wanted to know the real answer. Joel started describing the movie to me. His arms are waving and he is jumping up and down, while tell me the movie was "awesome, it has action, drama, romance, scary and everything." Then both kids went to watch "happy" movies in their rooms before going to sleep.

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Lyn Cote said...

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