Saturday, August 21, 2010

1st time Painting ALONE!

The person who had lived in our condo before us, had the place repo'd so there were a lot of things that were completed halfway. Both bathrooms are painted a creamy pee color. So we found some white paint in our garage and repainted the kids bathroom. Nate asked me to help with the first coat of paint. Now, I have only painted one other time in my life. My best friend Bek and I painted the basement rooms she was moving into beck when we were in college. We also had her mom's help and supervision.

So I get all my brushes and paints together and start to paint. After I had painted all the walls, I realized I should have started with the ceiling. I also should have brought the fan into the room to help circulate the air. Lastly, the can of paint says it will wash off with soap and water. I did not know that it meant while the paint was still wet. After finishing painting the bathroom, I had to scrape and scrub the floor to get the paint up. The mistakes I made while painting the bathroom are all lessons learned so as I will do better when we paint our bathroom.

Nate helped me paint the second coat of paint. Nate painted the door and rehung the towel racks and toilet paper holder. The bathroom looks really good and the kids are happy that this 3 day project is over and they can use their bathroom again.

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