Friday, August 13, 2010


1. Hair freaks me out, not on people but lose hair that is not attached to a person or animal. 
2. I love to read. 
3. I don't mop floors. (that is Nate's job) 
4. I moved across the country to Live in California (for my husbands career)
5. I have a wonderful husband, Nate 
6. I have been on a date with a guy who is now in jail 
7. After watching the movie "Hairspray" (one with Ricki Lake) in high school I ironed my hair on the ironing board. 
8. Favorite movie ~ A Few Good Men 
9. I was in a car accident Christmas Eve my senior year of high school and broke my jow in 3 places, my jaw was wired shut for 6 weeks. 
10. I dont like cats. 
11. I love that Nate and I dont get into is to short. 
12. I have 2 great kids....Cori and Joel. 
13. I will NOT have anymore kids....that is why there are neices and nephews..... 
14. I have 3 nephews that are all under 3 (all single births) and from the same dad~my brother Daniel 
15. I am not a mushy person...if I am crying it is b/c I am mad 
16. FRIENDS is my favorite tv show. 
17. I love Tivo 
18. I was not allowed to wear pants/jeans until I was 18 
19. I love to take pictures....I love my digital camera 
20. I enjoy sewing kids clothes and making quilts 
21. I am a fanatic about earrings. I never go anywhere without them
22. I bought my 1st Bible with my own money last year and love to read it  ~ all my others have been gifts 
23. I collect decks of playing cards... I have almost 100 different decks 
24. I am a HUGE football fan.. Roll Tide and Go Cowboys! 
25. I live less than 5 minutes from the Beach and hate sand and salt water. I enjoy sitting in a chair and watching my kids play at the beach, as long as I don't have to be involved. 

Let me know which fact shocked you the most about me....This should be fun.

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