Monday, August 23, 2010

Registering the Kids

I have just gotten home from the start of registering the kids for school. My mom is bringing the shot records with her on Wed. The school offices are not opened all summer, so the office was really busy. Both Cori and Joel will find out their teachers the day before school starts, Sept 8th. Joel goes to school from 8:30 -3:20 M,T,Th, F and from 8:30 - 12:50 on Wed. He will walk or bike to school, only a couple of blocks away. Cori goes the same all week, 7:45 - 2:10 and she will ride the bus that will pick her up on the next street over. Both kids are very excited about getting ready for school. We will be tackling the school supply lists this weekend when my mom comes for a visit. Cori is going to be able to get a tour of her school and the classrooms on Thursday. This is for all the 6th graders.

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